Friday, January 18, 2019

Lack of Content

Hi everyone, happy New Year.

I won't sugar coat this, but I've hit a wall on all things creative. I haven't been able to write, design, take decent photos, or anything. I cranked out a Holiday food blog (which you should totally go check out) and that was pretty much it.

For the most part, I know everyone's world keeps on turning. It's not like I'm some great influence or creator, but this blog still means something to me. I hate when it goes neglected, and I hate that I haven't updated it this year until now. Or even any of my other 2 blogs. I couldn't bring myself to watch any of the PPVs this year yet. Hopefully you'll find Wrestle Kingdom 13 still relevant, as the review is coming. Food is probably the easiest one to bounce back from.

But, thankfully another blogger and friend of mine made me feel better about not posting as he related to my sentiment: sometimes real life just doesn't appease my need for content. Not every party or event I go to is gonna be so wild I gotta post about it. Politics is almost a needless thing to post about, we've all seen the news. And coming up with my lists and topics has to be organic, otherwise this blog starts to feel like work. And I don't make money off this blog, so I gotta love it. And I haven't had anything in my mind worth loving as far as content goes.

Today that ends. I am feeling my creative juices flowing once again. I will be posting 5 more blogs after this one today. In fact, as I watch this I am watching Wrestle Kingdom 13. That review will hit later. Also NXT UK Takeover will be up much later today. 2 new food blogs incoming, as I always have stuff in my phone to upload. Also coming on the main blog today will be a Borderlands thing I gotta get off my chest.

I kinda downplayed the importance of my blog, but if you're actually a fan of my blog and read it regularly, then I apologize. I almost never pull views in the triple digits, and I kinda forget about the people. I will do my best to be more positive about myself, not just in this blog but in my daily life. I'm also gonna try to cut the self-deprecating stuff. It's okay to laugh at one's self, but the level in which I make myself a punch line has never helped my mental health. I refuse to let the mother fucker win another year. 2019 IS the year I make my mental health my bitch.

I hope you all have a lovely day.



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