Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Wedding Journal - 1st Anniversary Trip

So, I'll go more in depth of what it's been like to be married for a year, but for now, I just wanna share the fun we had on our one year outing. It's basically a glorified photo dump, but enjoy. We decided to go to Solvang, a Danish style town in California. It was somewhere we'd never been, but both of our families had talked it up. We couldn't not go there. It was perfection for us. Let's do this.

I drive. I know it's not unusual, but sometimes we don't get to see it. And yes, I prop my knee against the door.

My favorite co-pilot, taking pics while I ensure we don't die.

Near the ocean.


The one thing I hate about driving is I don't get to appreciate the views.

I'm getting bored of it. Apparently Ava didn't. LOL!

This looks cool.

Some nice scenery.

Rolling into town.

Our hotel was across the street from Olsen's Bakery. Visitor's should know this one.

Such a good shot.


Went to Copenhagen Sausage Garden. Beer sampler was terrific.

The sausage selection was even better. We got Bratwurst and Bockwurst from Germany, Kielbasa from Poland, and a Chicken Apple sausage from right here in the USA. I also got fries, and Ava got a pretzel. Everything was better than I hoped it'd be.

We went to Lucas & Lewellen. They were featured in Sideways, the film. They also profiled and patronized us. They told Ava "Good luck" when she chose to drink a dry Brut. Spoiler alert, we drink wine and know what we're about. The fact that they only warmed up to us after we revealed that we knew our wine means we'll never go back there and we will encourage our friends to avoid it as well.

I use a Himalayan salt in my room. I hear it relieves anxiety, but I've never seen it work. But I'm not willing to stop it. So I had to get this pic. 

So, after that last lame ass place, we went to a small hole in the wall winery, D. Volk. That was our place to go. There was a doggy and the man serving us rolled the glasses. A weird process, I'd explain it further had I gotten video. He rocked.

My 1 year wife posing on the festive street.

Then we went to the brewery and got beer, because that's just what we do.

She got a delicious pastrami melt, and I got fish and chips. So. Good.

Our hotel didn't offer breakfast, but it offered vouchers for the bakery across the street. I still feel like I owe them money for that. A pastry each, a mini loaf of bread each, a few slices of white American cheese, butter, choice of coffee or tea, AND orange juice.

The park was cool.


Looks relaxing.

Also, it has a public bathroom. This was helpful.

We wanted to walk to the Mission.

Stating this now: Yes, an atheist can enjoy a Mission. It has history and art. My degree just happened to be in art. 

I will now let the photos speak for themselves for a bit. A lot of stuff for you to just enjoy.

I had trepidation about approaching the alter, all thing considered. My love of art made me forget about any hang ups I had.

Funnily enough... On our wedding anniversary, we ended up walking down an aisle together. We didn't do this on purpose, but it happened.

My lovely wife.

This old fuck.

Just us.

Kinda weird being in a cemetery.

The (13?) Steps

What a view.

It was SO windy. She couldn't keep her hair together. I love it.

It worked for her for a minute...

...Until it didn't.

We found a couple to take our picture.

We went to a tavern that had Kilkenny Irish Ale on Nitro. Apparently it's one of 2 places in California that serves it. It is so damn tasty!

Alicia and Dan. We found your new source.

Pinkies up.


We split this Shepherd's pie the night before we left. We had a blast.

I can't stress this enough, but I loved being able to spend this time with my wife. We don't always get alone time, and it was worth everything to me. I would do it again in a second.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being our friends.



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  1. Nice,loved the photos.I am pretty sure I did go to Olsen 's bakery after seeing the picture.