Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Anxiety... The lovely piece of shit that it is, means that something arbitrary means I am up later than I have any right to be. It is currently 4:13 AM while my wife is currently asleep, and I'm watching Tom Segura (my current favorite comedian) on Hot Ones (one of my favorite YouTube shows). So, why am I wide awake at 4:14 AM?

Because while my mind can't shut itself off, I remembered some stupid shit I suggested earlier tonight.

So, I have a Wedding Journal category that you can easily look up on my blog, and since I'm in the first year of our marriage, I oddly documented the first year of our engagement. I've even released some blogs documenting those first few months. Typical me.

One of the things I never wanted to do, for a few reasons, is publicly discuss what I spent on our wedding. Yes, I did go over budget. I will always recommend my buddy Bilbo for help with all this. He will keep your budget on point, but still. I wanted to be a cheap skate, but I still couldn't help it. I will never bring budget, or money consumption into anything I complain about on this blog.

With the exception of what I'm about to post. Because it's fucking hilarious, and my wife is asleep while I post this.

My wife is a full time worker at a well known entertainment company (I never got permission to say the name, so I just won't) and I'm a House Manager at the theater where I work and I work in the office of it. We will never be in the fortune 500, but we make a decent enough living. We can do better, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We just bought a car from a co-worker of hers. Money is, and isn't an issue with us every week. We don't argue, but we discuss it every week.

Today, I wasted my time.

I transferred her money... Money she needed to make a car payment...

Just so she could give me money to make a payment for something... That was 10 dollars less than what I sent her.

No joke. I transferred her money that she will now have to send back to me. As per our mutual agreement.

Fuck my life. Haha. What a waste of time.



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