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Borderlands 2: My Vault Hunter Rankings

3 huzzahs for me, I finally finished this one! I have finished the game with 6 Vault Hunters! Took me long enough. Sorry, but the last one put me off for a bit.

So, just like my first entry in this series, I completed Borderlands 2 with each Vault Hunter a minimum of one time. Some I did more, some I did the bare minimum. But, now that I've done said bare minimum, I can now write up this blog entry and tell you how each one handled, and finish in the order that I liked the most. Let's get this started!

Just like last video, the Vault Hunters in order of their video packages (with the exception of the DLC characters, who are listed by their releases)...


The Commando. These first 4 Vault Hunters are all a bit of a shadow of the Vault Hunters from the first game. Only one is blatantly the same as far as class name, but Axton does some similar stuff to Roland the Soldier... Kind of. Roland and Axton can both throw out a turret during their action skill. However, instead of being a recovery on the field. Axton is more about offense and grenade damage. If you favor grenades, Axton is the character for you. Between so many skills that boost grenade damage, and skills that can grant you the ability to hold more grenades than any other character in the game, he is the guy if you like explosives. Plus, his boost to grenade damage carries over into some of his assault rifle (who he excels in) and some rocket launcher damage. Also, his turret can become equipped with various different skills like longbow, sticking to walls, 2 turrets, and/or a nuclear blast when it's first deployed. So, if you prefer an in-your-face offensive style, Axton will serve you well. We worked okay together.


The Siren. Much different from the offensive based Lilith from the first game... But not too much, she can still be overpowered, but Maya can be your main healer in the party. Spec into her Harmony tree for all of the healing abilities she has, as she can instantly recover a downed character with her Phaselock ability... Or you can spec into her Cataclysm tree to do massive elemental damage. You can eventually slag enemies with it... And if you've ever played the massively difficult and sometimes unbalanced Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, you know how important slag can be. Despite this, I had a weird time clicking with her. I'm not sure if I didn't spec correctly in the early game, but me and her just didn't work till she started leveling up a bit more.


The Gunzerker. Salvador, once you get to level 5, is pretty much unstoppable. Unlike Brick, the closest thing to his similarity who was a Berserker and whose action skill was a melee skill... His is an action skill where he uses two guns and shoots the shit out everything, and can even regenerate ammo while he's doing it. Then start to spec into skills where he can Gunzerk while in Fight For Your Life, or where he can throw two grenades for the price of one, or Money Shot where he can shoot excessive damage on the last shot in his magazine. I've heard many people say this, and I can attest to this, if you aren't sure who to start with because you think this game is hard, I suggest Salvador. Salvador can clear stuff with ease, and his overpowered self can help you well into the later stages of the game without too much difficulty. You'll still need slag, of course. Let's not lose sight here. But if you get yourself a Grog Nozzle in one hand an an Unkempt Harold in the other hand, you're going to be like a god. I had the easiest time clearing the game with Salvador.


The Assassin. Much like the first Borderlands, I started this one for the first time with the sniper. I opened with Mordecai last time, so I had to open with Zer0 this time. While Zer0 doesn't come equipped with the massively overpowered Trespass skill that Mordecai does, he comes equipped with the even more massively overpowered Bore skill. What is Bore? Well, if you shoot through an enemy, the bullet that passes through it will do EXPONENTIALLY more damage than it would have. That means Zer0 can MELT through the BNK3R, and even raid boss Hyperius if you time the shot right. Imagine just running through a raid boss? He can do it. It takes practice, but it can be done. He also has a skill called Critical Ascension, where if you hit critical shots repeatedly, your next critical hit will do massive damage. So... If you use a low-level weapon and repeatedly shoot a crit spot (you can use a Vladof Droog for this) Your next shot with a high level sniper rifle can one-shot enemies at high levels. Also... I have to include his superior melee abilities... He is the best melee character in the game. But I wouldn't know. I admit to not enjoying melee builds.

I wanna stop for a second to apologize to those who enjoy melee builds, and are OBVIOUSLY way better at them than me. I am no way saying that it's the wrong way to play. If you get fucking kills? Then get it, man. I am just ABYSMAL with melee builds. It doesn't suit my play style. I feel like I shit on Brick in the last review and didn't try to redeem it. But... I will shit on them again later. Sorry.

Gaige (DLC)

The Mecromancer. And now, unlike the last review, we enter different territory. We enter into DLC Vault Hunters. Gaige, the first of the 2, is a character that I was kind of dreading because her build could either make her too easy to use, or way too complicated to use. I was surprised when I found that me and her clicked like crazy. Between her Anarchy skills (which makes her shots crazy powerful, yet crazy inaccurate. Sounds bad, but trust me it's OP as hell) and improving her skills in Shock, the one element I liked the least, me and her work really well together. I found out a lot of people didn't care for her. That's okay. I did.

Krieg (DLC)

The Psycho. Here we have the character I had the least chemistry with. I tried, I really did. I even re-specked him more than once in the middle of my first playthrough. His emphasis is on explosions... I do enjoy this...  But it's also about lighting himself on fire, being suicidal, and melee. Literally.... Nothing that lends itself to my play style. I like a slow, methodical approach to how I kill things in these games, even if that characters style doesn't lend itself to that. I can get that with every other character for better or worse. But Krieg and I never got there. Even in instances where I wasn't in much danger, I found he absorbed damage the worst and didn't have enough gun offensive skills for me to get out of it. Again, I'm not gonna try to knock those who make it work, but for me it just didn't happen. I'm not gonna deny I did the bare minimum with him, but I'll see it through, whether I like it or not...

So here we go, my personal ranking:

Krieg - Last
Maya - 5th
Axton - 4th
Salvador - 3rd
Gaige - 2nd
Zer0 - 1st

While a lot of these Vault Hunters are higher up than some would like, I still like most of them. The only one I legitimately didn't care for was Krieg. And while Maya was really good, again, I just had an issue clicking with her. Axton was basically true neutral with me. I didn't dislike him, and I wasn't over the moon about him. Salvador, by all right, should be the true number 1 on this list. He is ridiculously overpowered, and as hard as things still get in Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, Salvador I would say has the easiest time. As such, he remains 3rd to me. Gaige and I clicked immediately for some reason. I can't explain it. So, since I enjoyed playing with her so much... And this is my list, don't you EVER forget that... She has the 2nd place spot. And coming it number one is Zer0. Ironic. Haha. As the best sniper in the whole series in my own opinion, he can do so much more than just sniping. Like I mentioned earlier, if you dig melee builds, Zer0 can absolutely obliterate enemies. Pair him with a Bee shield, critical ascension, and a good sniper like the Lyudmilla (I play on PS4) or a Pimpernel, and watch enemies just crumble to you. He is without a doubt my favorite player to play as.

And that's all for this one. I have a looooong way to go before I'm ready to post my rankings from the Pre-Sequel, because... I've started like 4 different characters, but... I've only finished the game with one of them... Oopsie doodle. I'll get on that.



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