Monday, June 11, 2018

Top 5 Hot Ones Episodes

I am very open about how YouTube is a big source of my entertainment. One of my favorite shows on YouTube is from the channel First We Feast, and their show is called Hot Ones. Sean Evans is the host and he's a fucking boss. The premise of the show is great, he interviews celebrities and they eat progressively hotter wings.

If you've never caught the show, do it! But either way, this list will be my personal favorite 5 episodes of Hot Ones. And yes, I will link each one, so if you wanna watch them as you read, you can do that.

5. Henry Rollins, Punk Rocker: Anyone who listens to punk rock has of course heard of Henry Rollins. I just love what a chill guy he seems like. And even though he's obviously doing okay for himself, I love how frugal and thrifty he still is. Punk rock, haha! Also, he got paddled by the board that the wings were on. Rad.

4. Coyote Peterson, YouTuber of "Brave Wilderness": Love the idea of watching another YouTuber on someone else's YouTube channel. I love, LOVE collaboration videos, and considering how much I love the nature show Brave Wilderness, I loved watching Coyote on the show. I've seen Coyote take some of the worst stings/bites from insects, but watching him take on hot wings was an experience on it's own.

3. Chris Jericho, Professional Wrestler: I've been a Jerichoholic since I was 12. I say this with no hesitation, Chris Jericho has always been my favorite wrestler. Super happy he went to New Japan and won the Intercontinental Championship. He's a jack of many trades, and his episode was fucking terrific.

2. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist: So up until recently, this was my number one favorite episode. I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and watching him eat spicy wings and break down what the sensation was doing to him was A+ watching. He's obviously... *OBVIOUSLY* super smart, but he's also down to earth (slight pun intended) and even though it's a goofy show about hot wings, he made me feel important watching it. Love this episode.

1. Alton Brown, Iron Chef America and Good Eats: My favorite TV host of all time, and undeniably the person I owe the Food Journal to, Alton Brown. I don't just watch Good Eats, I absorb it. I always took very personally the techniques he used on his show, and it made me a better cook. Watching him do the show and even rank the hot sauces was everything I could ever want from this show. Watch it now. Like, right meow.

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I enjoyed revisiting it. I mean, watching some of my favorite episodes for the sake of the blog was just suuuuuch a chore (sarcasm).

That's all for now. If you haven't watched these episodes yet, then, get to it. Haha.



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  1. Alton Brown was my favorite too and I thought Jericho did a good job too.