Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Borderlands: My Vault Hunter Rankings

It took a while, I've mentioned Borderlands in previous posts, but this is the first full on post that will revolve around Borderlands. If fact, it's the first of 3. Until Borderlands 3 comes out. If... It comes out. Your move, Gearbox.

Anyway, I say this is the first of it's kind, and that's because of the 3 released games, I will be ranking the Vault Hunters of all 3 games. I was gonna do this all in one hit, but I realized that would be a loooooong ass entry. Even I don't have time for that. Since I got what I needed from the first Borderlands, I decided to start this entry now. I have 1 1/2 playthroughs to go through in Borderlands 2, and the Pre-Sequel, well... That's gonna take me some time.

I should mention, that this is a telling of just the main campaign, not the DLCs, and not all of them have gone through the second playthrough. Also, this applies to a lot of the other games too. Having said that, I know that Vault Hunters get better in higher playthroughs because you can unlock more skills the higher you get. That being also said, this won't be too analytical, just an impression I get from each character. So, in order of the intro video...


The Hunter. Mordecai is a skinny dude who dresses weird. He can either be deadly with pistols, his bird Bloodwing (which is his action skill), or my personal favorite, sniper rifles. If you spec enough into his sniper tree, you get his last skill "Trespass" which if you spec 5 points into it, you get a 100% chance of ignoring shields. Not gonna lie, that skill is pretty freaking sweet. It makes short work of the Guardians, who are weak themselves, but their shields are pretty durable. His defense isn't super awesome though. I had a moderate/hard time with Mordecai. He was also the first character I ever used in the whole franchise, so maybe I just didn't know how to use him back then. I've gone back to him again though, and had less issue the second time.


The Siren. Lilith is a woman with really awesome powers and light blue tattoos on her body. While she does have a huge proficiency with SMGs, she is the best character in the game to use elemental damage. Her action skill Phasewalk let's her vanish and cause elemental damage and increase her movement and re-appear after a few seconds, and you can make it to where when she comes back she causes a massive explosion. Here's the thing, I found her to be totally overpowered. In my first playthrough with her, towards the end of the game, I was seriously undefeated. I had fallen into Fight For Your Life like twice, maybe, and got my second wind both times. I was going for it, and then after killing Baron Flynt I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and fell off a ledge to my death. Haha, of all the ways for my first one to happen.


The Soldier. Roland is a former member of the Crimson Lance who deserted and became a Vault Hunter. Roland can be either a good support character with his Scorpio Turret, or an amazing gunner with a specialty in Combat Rifles. Personally, I found Roland to be pretty easy. His skills that boost all of his bullet damage, and class mods that regenerate ammo (also, a Crimson Lance asshole straight up dropped the Guardian, a Legendary Combat Rifle that regenerates ammo) so I became pretty damn unstoppable in the endgame. I don't have too much to report here except that with the build I used, Roland's gun damage was freaking unreal. I had a medium/easy time using Roland.


The Berserker. For being as fucking tall as he is, you would think he'd have more tank-like abilities. Also, I should mention, that I don't like melee characters. Especially in fucking shooter games. His action skill, Berserk, makes you go into a rage and punch everything. As effective as this is, when it wears off you better flee so you don't get shot a million times. I don't know if I just sucked with Brick, but me and him absolutely did not click. I fell into Fight For Your Life so often with him and died more times than I'd like to admit.

Alrighty, here is my ranking

Brick - Last
Roland- 3rd
Mordecai - 2nd
Lilith - 1st

If you've played this game, you know there is no comparing to Lilith. My rankings almost seem like difficulty modes. Lilith being the easiest and Brick being the hardest. Unless you can figure melee characters better than I can, I would rather not play as Brick again. I do enjoy my Mordecai still, as sniping is my favorite. He may be my personal favorite, but I'm not gonna sit here and try to tell you he's the best person to use.

You may disagree with me on my choices. To that I say:

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That's all for now! Other entries like this coming soon.



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