Monday, May 27, 2019

Georgia Trip Picture Gallery

We went on a trip to Georgia for our birthdays. Mine is in May, Ava's is in June. We also went to visit her brother. Here is the photo gallery of our trip. I won't caption each one, just ones that maybe need a bit of context.

The first picture we took after hitting the road from the airport.

Ava loves her nature shots.

Birdie on the deck!

This is Betsy. We like Betsy :)

On our way to spend the night in Savannah.

Ava loves water towers.

A silo!


We arrived in Savannah.

There are actually turtle crossing signs.

We made it to the beach.

Possibly my favorite picture of my wife I've ever taken.

But I'm fuckin' cute too.

It's my first time on a beach on the East Coast. I liked it.

The water was so warm and nice. The freakin' Pacific Ocean always makes my toes hurt it's so cold.

Ava likes water towers, I like gazebos.

They wanted $20 to go towards the lighthouse. We found a loophole.

More turtle crossing!

Up to this point I haven't given this any love, but this was the rental car we had while we were there. Nissan Versa, and it was very nice.

Look, it's the fountain from that one Tom Hanks movie. 

Her hair didn't like the humidity.

Neither did mine.

I like bridges.

And it was time for booze. Because it was us, haha.

Our hotel told us they were having a free social event. Seemed a good reason to pregame and double fist.

For people who like history.

I'm sorry to say this brewery didn't wow us AT ALL. It was a military themed brewery and the staff were all in the service, so props to that. But the beer itself wasn't stellar.

We got Dunkels. So goddamn tasty.

We were pretty toasty by this point, so I got bratwurst and polish sausage with pomme frites. 

Ava got schnitzel. German potato salad is the perky tits. Not like American potato salad. Why do we have to put mayonnaise in so much stuff?

Just us.

We did a mead tasting. It was awesome. But we got a parking ticket because we stayed too long and I only paid for an hour. It was only 20 bucks though.


We got southern bbq. We both got the pulled pork, cajun rice, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Ava got the collard greens, and I got sweet potatoes. Those are little corn bread cakes. This was 2 meals each, leftovers are a great thing.

Betsy and Tom Segura. I had some alone time while Ava and Alex went shopping.

This mead was so good I bought a bottle after the tasting.

Savannah River!

It was blurry, but I tried to get a shot of us crossing into South Carolina.

An amazing distillery in South Carolina.

Alex and Ava.

And back to Georgia.

This place had some good beer.

So much seafood. It was a place called the Juicy Crab and it was freakin' fantastic.

Trey and Alex.

Bibs are a must.

Sexy as fuck.

This was a damn good Chardonnay.

The bottle is hard to read, but it says Ava Grace. Ava's sister is named Grace so it was cool.

This is the gift Alex made us. Shut up, you were crying.

Sparkleberry! This was the last shot we got as we drove back to the airport.

And that's it! It was a load of fun and if you made it this far, hope you enjoyed the pictures!